New one in town

hey everybody,

yesterday you saw my weekly decoration. Today I'm gonna show you what arrived last week. Next week university starts again and I realized that I need my Filofax Domino A5 for that and I don't wanna put it from one bag to the other when I have free time or work. So I needed a planner which is small and fit in my whole bags. I had to decide between the Domino Personal turquoise and the Butterfly (also Personal size). Well at the end the Butterfly wins on Amazon and a day later I saw the turquoise in Personal and thought: "Right deciscion". At the moment I just have one picture but if I'm ready with the setup you'll see more.

It was delivered with the original inserts but you already know me: I changed them. As I said you will see soon.

your Filophilista <3


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