name: Jessica (but feel free to call me Jess)
age: 24 years old
birthday: 18th february 1991
location: Germany, 30 minutes 'till France and 1 hour 'till Luxembourg
studies: (current) literature (major) and slavic studies (minor), Master at Saarland University Saarbruecken
(before) book studies (major) and literature (minor), Bachelor of Arts at Johannes Gutenberg-University Mainz
job: journalist at a local newspaper and an online magazine
dream job: journalist
hobbies: photography, filofaxing, concerts, reading, music, my girls, Manga, watching movies or TV shows, shopping
status: in a relationship since September 2014 with the best guy ever

loved ones: 
music: rock, metal, pop, .... mostly everything but Hip Hop
books: Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, Die Gottespartitur, Goethe's Faust
movies: Fack ju Göhte, Frozen, Serial (bad) Weddings, the Hobbit, Lord of the Rings
TV-shows: True Blood, Pretty Little Liars, The Big Bang Theory, Switched at Birth, Vampire Diaries, Desperate Housewives, Simpsons

facts, facts and just more facts
- she has two piercings. Both in the right ear
- wearing glasses since 1992
- hates sports, but loves Zumba
- met her boyfriend online
- loves couponing
- lists are the best
- started with Windows, used it for years and learned 2014 MacBooks are much better
- Chucks-lover
- speaking German and English fluently, a little French and Spanish, able to read Latin and currently learning Russian
- wants to learn ASL and German Sign language
- loves Spotify
- plans her dates weeks before sometimes
- changing plans can be very chaotic
- shoe- and bag-fetish
- no headphones or books while going by train? - a nightmare!
- TV-Show-Junkie
- boyfriend made her loving movies, shows and books, she didn't like before
- the studies made her a city girl and than country girl again

The Blog

I started the blog Filophilista on 24th February 2015 because I wanna share my hobby with people around the world and make contact with people who have the same hobby.
You can also follow me on Instagram.

The name: Filofax + -phily (love something) + -ista (great fan of something) = Filiophilista
It's just something like a invented word by me.


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