Spreenow Haul

Hey guys,

I'm so sorry. I didn't have the time to blog last time. But now I'll catch up for everthing. Today I wanna show you what I got new in the beginning of June.
In the beginning of May I ordered my first dokibook at Spreenow*. It's a chinese shop. They bought stuff you want and send it to you. Long time I thought about to buy a dokibook. After 4 weeks waiting for it - thanks to German customs and DHL - I could finally go to customs to pick it up. There I had to pay VAT and to show them that there is no bomb or something in the package, ha ha. I had to unpack it. In the moment I saw it I felt in love with it. The dokibook is so awesome. The colour. The faux leather. Just everything is awesome *think of Lego Movie, ha ha*

It's cool isn't it? Which planner do you have? 


*It's an affilated link. If you use it and sign up on Spreenow and buy something, I'll get credits for my next order. Thank you. :)


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