It finally arrived

Hey guys,

I'm so excited. Today my filofax arrived. Well it arrived when I was with my boyfriend helping him cleaning up his flat. But in the evening I finally could open the package.

It was closed very good, ha ha. So I had to use scissors to open it. Moment to moment I got more and more excited. Than I get a first sight on it and just loved it.
My planner is so cute. You wanna see it too? Oh sorry of course you wanna see it too, ha ha.

Am I right? It's cute, isn't it? Or don't you like it?
Now I wanna show you the dividers and inserts. But I will change them next days. They're awesome and also totally cute but not for filofaxing, ha ha.

Well, now you've seen my filofax. Now I wanna see yours. Just post your link to the comments and I will see every photo. I promise.

your Filophilista <3 


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