Weekly decoration #1

Hey guys, 
I'm so sorry. I haven't post for long time now. But life with a little stress because on Sunday I'll go to Russia for two weeks and so many things have to be organized until then. So today I'm gonna show you my first selfmade weekly decoration.

As you can see the topic is "Russia" - of course, ha ha. I bought the washi tape at Action in Homburg and the Picture of the "flagged" map I found with the search topic "russia" on Google.
Well there are not that much dates yet. But I guess on Monday/Tuesday it'll change very fast, ha ha.
If you wanna know more about my Russia Exchange you may visit my personal blog. I blogged there about Russia and I hope I'll blog during I'm in Russia. 

Do you like the decoration?

Filophilista <3

PS: I will show you my setup as fast as I can.


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